Terms & conditions

InmoExact.com is a company under the responsibility of Sarah Gielen as natural person, Calle Tenerife 3, 03580 Alfaz del Pi, Alicante, España, with company number ESX7857395C.

Before making a reservation through InmoExact.com, we recommend that you carefully read these General Terms and Conditions. When you make a reservation you automatically agree with the content of these General Terms and Conditions.
Some of the properties in the offer of InmoExact.com may have additional terms and conditions, this is indicated on the page of the relevant property.

1. Book a holiday home

You can book your ideal holiday home through our website InmoExact.com, but you can also make a reservation by email or telephone. You can make a reservation for a specific property and a specific period (arrival and departure date).
InmoExact will confirm the reservation by email within 24 hours on weekdays, or on Monday if the reservation was made during the weekend.
If you have not received a confirmation email from InmoExact after 3 working days, we kindly but urgently request you to contact us by phone at (+34) 611 27 87 60.

PLEASE NOTE: for last-minute bookings (arrival within 72 hours) we recommend that you book by telephone so that we can immediately confirm whether this is still possible.

2. Rental period

The day of arrival in the houses can be chosen as you wish, there is no fixed day of arrival or departure. There is a minimum of 3 nights per stay.
The arrival times are between 16.00 and 23.00 hours. A different arrival time is sometimes possible after prior consultation with InmoExact, it is recommended to discuss this at least 5 days before arrival.
The rule is that, on the day of departure the house will be left and ready for the cleaning crew at 10.00h, we kindly but urgently request you to respect this rule for organisational reasons, this sometimes can also be done at a later hour (if there is no consecutive booking with arrival on the same day), you always need to discuss this first with InmoExact.
InmoExact will provide you with a personalised code so that you can take the keys out of the box upon arrival and put them back when you leave.
In homes that are not equipped with a KeyBox, the key transfer will be done personally, there is a surcharge of 30 euros for arrivals after 23.00 or departures before 07.00h.

3. Reservation costs

All prices on the InmoExact website or prices agreed upon by email or telephone always include reservation costs.

4. Prices

InmoExact will do everything possible to ensure that all prices listed on the website are current by immediately making updates in case of changes, etc.
Despite our best efforts, in exceptional cases the price on the website may NOT correspond with the price on your booking confirmation, therefore we strongly recommend that you read your booking confirmation carefully and check it, because it is the price stated on your booking confirmation that is valid and will therefore be charged.

5. Payment

The invoice / booking confirmation states that a down payment of 30% of the total amount is required. This down payment must be made within 8 days after the invoice date / date of the booking confirmation. The remaining amount must be paid on the dates specified in your booking confirmation. The total amount as stated in your booking confirmation has to be in the possession of InmoExact 4 weeks before the day of arrival.
For bookings that are made less than 4 weeks before arrival, the full amount as described in your booking confirmation needs to be paid in full (the full 100%).

In case of late payment you will receive a payment reminder by email. InmoExact has the right to cancel the reservation if the remaining amount has not been paid 3 weeks before the day of arrival. In this case, you will not be entitled to claim back/refund of already paid amounts/advances.

InmoExact or the landlord is not obliged to pay any compensation if you arrive later than the agreed date or leave the holiday home prematurely.

6. Cancellation

If you wish to cancel the reservation, please inform InmoExact by email. After receiving this email, InmoExact will send you a confirmation of this cancellation.

The conditions for cancelling a booking are as follows:
- Cancellation within 7 calendar days after booking is free of charge. Unless you have made a booking within 30 calendar days before the date of arrival, in which case you will be required to pay 30% of the invoice amount.
- If you cancel from 8 calendar days after making the booking in the period up to 42 days before the date of arrival, you will owe 30% of the invoice amount.
- If you cancel in the period from the 42nd day up to 15 days before the day of arrival, you will owe 50% of the invoice amount.
- If you cancel between the 14th day and 8 days prior to your arrival date, 75% of the invoice amount will be charged.
- If you cancel in the period starting 7 days before the arrival date, the full amount of the invoice is due.

In case of force majeure or when InmoExact is forced by competent parties to cancel the holiday home you have booked, regardless of the circumstances, you will be informed immediately and if possible an alternative will be offered. If you do not accept this alternative, or if InmoExact cannot offer an alternative, InmoExact will immediately reimburse the amount already paid in full.

The hirer shall only be entitled to reclaim payments already made and upon receipt of this reimbursement, InmoExact shall have no rights or obligations whatsoever, the invoice / booking confirmation shall be completely invalid after reimbursement and InmoExact shall under no circumstances be held liable for any external costs incurred by the hirer.

We strongly recommend that you to travel well insured. Good travel, baggage, accident and health insurance protects you from the financial consequences of accidents or illness. Ask your insurance agent about this.

7. Changes by the tenant

When you have made a reservation with InmoExact, and you want to change it, you can inform InmoExact of this. InmoExact will check whether this modification is possible and will confirm this in writing by email. Changes in the rental period and/or change of accommodation can result in price changes.
Changes to the rental period and/or accommodation can be made up to 4 weeks before the original day of arrival (arrival day as indicated on the booking confirmation).
If changes are made later than this period, this will be regarded as a cancellation and a new booking and the cancellation conditions will remain in full force (see point 6).

8. Pets

Not every holiday home allows pets. You can request this when booking a holiday home. If you are allowed to bring your pet, this means extra cleaning work, therefore we charge € 30.00 for the extra cleaning costs. Damage caused by a pet must always be reimbursed by the tenant.

9. Care of house and surroundings

The rented holiday home must be occupied with due care and with consideration for the tranquillity of the surroundings. If the tenant does not behave like a good tenant, or causes serious nuisance or trouble to his surroundings, he can be denied further access to the holiday home without claiming a refund of the rent. If the tenant causes unexpected damage to the rented holiday home and/or inventory, this must be reported immediately to Inmoexact. The corresponding repair and/or replacement costs must be reimbursed immediately. The tenant is liable for damage caused by him or by fellow tenants and any visitors, even if found after departure.

10. Water, gas, electricity and Wi-Fi

The prices offered by Inmoexact include water, gas, electricity and Wi-Fi.
The only extra charge is for final cleaning and linen. This price is different for each holiday home. In the advertisement of each holiday home you will find the price for cleaning and linen.
The cost of the final cleaning will be deducted from the deposit.

11. Stay

If upon arrival it appears that you are with more people than stated in the rental contract, or that during the rental period more people are staying in the house/apartment than booked/paid for, you must leave the house/apartment immediately. In that case you have no right to a refund of the paid price.

12. Arrival and departure

See also point 2.

You can move into the holiday home between 16.00 and 23.00 hours. And you must leave the house at 10.00 at the latest. Other times can only be accepted in consultation with Inmoexact.

InmoExact uses a KeyBox in several houses so that you can get the keys out of the box when you arrive and put them back when you leave, but in some houses, where the key exchange must be done in person, there is a surcharge of 30 euros for arrivals after 23.00 or departures before 07.00.

The deposit that you paid for the holiday homes will be transferred back to your account within 5 working days after your departure if you leave the house in good condition. This means: no dishes left behind, no rubbish, the furniture is in the same place as when you arrived, not extremely dirty (of course it is not the intention that you have to clean yourself, but you have to leave the house ready to be cleaned and not extremely dirty), no smoking in the house, no furniture or accessories missing and all keys and remote controls are still present. If these points are not respected, a certain amount will be deducted from the deposit.

13. Other costs

Inmoexact charges a fee per property for the mandatory final cleaning. The price for this varies per property and is stated on the website for each property as well as on your booking confirmation. Inmoexact also charges a deposit to the price of the holiday homes, which will also appear on the invoice.

The deposit paid for the holiday homes will be refunded to your account within 5 working days after your departure, if you leave the house in good condition. This means: no dishes are left behind, no rubbish, the furniture is in the same place as when you arrived, not extremely dirty (of course it is not the intention that you have to clean yourself, but you have to leave the house ready to be cleaned and not extremely dirty), no smoking in the house, no furniture or accessories are missing and all keys and remote controls are still present. If these points are not respected, a certain amount will be deducted from the deposit.

For arrivals and / or departures between 23.00 and 7.00, a surcharge of 30 euros per event will be charged, if the property is not equipped with a Keybox.

14. Liability

The use of the holiday home is at your own risk. The lessor is not liable for damage caused by users of the holiday home during the stay. The tenant is obliged to compensate the landlord for all resulting damage caused by him or his co-occupants. We therefore recommend that the tenant has private liability insurance. The tenant must immediately report any damage to the landlord.

The tenant is not allowed to rent out or let others use the rented holiday home, completely or partially.

For your own safety, it is not permitted to light an open fire on the premises, not even in a fire pit. You must also be careful when smoking: an ashtray must be used on the terrace, it is not allowed to smoke inside.

If there is a power cut, a breakdown in the water supply or noise pollution (for example) caused by construction activities in the area, you cannot hold the owner or InmoExact liable, as these are circumstances beyond our control and caused by third parties.

Inmoexact is not liable for:
- Theft, loss or damage of any kind during or as a result of a stay in a holiday home rented by you.
- Breakdown or damage of technical equipment due to water or power failures
- Use of the rented property by the renter is entirely at the risk of the renter.

15. Construction work

Many holiday destinations are constantly evolving. Accommodations in our range may require maintenance from time to time. We ask for your understanding in this matter. If any work is carried out at one of our properties and we are aware of this, we will inform you. However, the accommodation provider will limit any inconvenience to a minimum.

Work can also take place outside your complex, such as road works on local facilities or the construction of a new building.
As a rental organisation, we have no influence on this work and accept no liability for it.

16. Noise pollution

The standards for noise pollution are more tolerant than in other European countries. If you are sensitive to noise nuisance, we recommend that you choose an accommodation without a discotheque and/or drinking establishment nearby, and outside the centre. The accommodation in the centre is often located close to restaurants, shops and nightlife venues. The owner or InmoExact have no influence on the noisy behaviour of other holidaymakers and/or residents.

17. Norms and values

A holiday abroad means different people and habits, a different culture, different climate, different food, different from home. This is one of the attractive aspects of the holiday, but it is also an aspect to take into account. Local customs and habits are often not the same as in the home country, but are no less valuable to the local population. You should take this into consideration.

18. Pests

These unwelcome visitors can be found at many holiday destinations with a warm climate. This cannot always be ruled out 100 per cent, despite the measures taken. Should you come across any pests during your stay, you can report this to Inmoexact and, if necessary, we will send someone to take care of it as soon as possible. Insects will often be controlled by insecticides. However, their use will be limited as much as possible because they are harmful to people and the environment.

19. Water and Electricity

Water is scarce at many of our destinations during the summer months. It is therefore possible that you will have no water during certain parts of the day. The rental company cannot be held responsible for the consequences of this.

20. Complaints

At Inmoexact, we do our utmost to ensure that the holiday of all our guests is perfect. Nevertheless, unexpected problems may occur in the implementation. We also continue to depend on our third parties for proper implementation. Should the tenant have unexpected complaints during his stay, then this should be reported to Inmoexact. In consultation with the owner, an attempt will be made to resolve the complaints as quickly and effectively as possible.
If this cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, the complaints must be confirmed and explained in writing as soon as possible, but at the latest within 14 days after the end of the rental period.
Inmoexact shall not be liable for steps taken independently in the event of dissatisfaction on the part of the hirer (without the knowledge and express consent of Inmoexact) such as, for example, the acceptance of another rental property, a hotel or other accommodation to continue the holiday. All resulting costs are for the account of the hirer.

In all cases, Inmoexact will only act as an intermediary. When booking an accommodation, a rental agreement is in fact concluded between the hirer and the owner of a property.

21. General Provisions

Inmoexact shall be entitled to amend these general terms and conditions at any time and, in the event of amendments, shall make a new version of these general terms and conditions available on the website.

If any of the points of these general terms and conditions is null and void or is annulled, the remaining provisions of these general terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

Any agreement between the parties shall be governed exclusively by Spanish law. All disputes arising from the agreement and any related agreements will be submitted exclusively to the Spanish territorial jurisdiction in Alicante, unless another judicial authority or court is authorised by mandatory law.

These conditions are subject to typographic errors.

The latest version in force at the time of the conclusion of each agreement shall always apply.

These conditions were last amended on 11 February 2022 and are known as "General Terms and Conditions”.